SRSsucks Sucks

This post has two main purposes:

To mock SRSsucks’ ideas and have a good laugh.

To discuss SRSsucks’ ideas and possibly learn a thing or two from each other.

For those who don’t know, SRSsucks is a sucky subreddit dedicated to talking about how much SRS sucks.  SRS is Shit Reddit Says, a subreddit dedicated to shit people say on Reddit.  (You should be glad you have me around to explain these complicated subtleties to you.)  SRSsucks created a Shit Shit Reddit Says Says thread, which was then linked to by SRS, who have so far, however, utterly failed to create a Shit Shit Shit Reddit Says Says Says thread.

Anyway, this whole thing is completely absurd because no one in the world has so little to do that they should waste their time creating insignificant, pointless sites that exist for no reason than to mock other sites that themselves were only mockery sites to begin with, and that get all their traffic by leaching it off some other, more popular site.  Seriously, people.

When contacted for comment, SRSsucks replied “Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo,” while SRS responded, “Chad, where Brad had had ‘had,’ had had ‘had had.’  ‘Had had’ was right.”

I Have Ended Love Triangle Violence

I am proud to announce that, as of July 2012, I, Anti-Anti-Manboobz, have ended love triangle violence.  That’s right: This rampant form of violence, where a woman orders and/or pays her new boyfriend to kill her ex-boyfriend, has been completely eradicated.  Well, let’s say about 99% eradicated; I’m not a miracle worker.  But I’m willing to confidently predict that, in virtually all cases, men need not be worried that their (female) exes will hire their new boyfriends to kill them.  I make no guarantees about men with male exes.

I am not at liberty to tell you exactly how I went about ending this scourge; it certainly wasn’t through the fell powers of an accidentally summoned demon named Astaroth.  But I’ll just mention that if you experience any residual love-triangle-violence-related problems and you think they might be resolved with the aid of a dragon-riding monstrosity who wields a viper as a weapon, let me know.  I’ll see what I can do.

The End

That’s it for Anti-Anti-Manboobz.  This blog was always intended to be a one-off joke: However stupid I find Mikhael Varpole’s blog, it’s his right to have it, and I have no interest in making his life miserable by constantly mocking him (he seems perfectly good at making his own life miserable).  Therefore, we will leave Anti-Anti-Manboobz to its own demon-banishing devices.  I hope everyone has had fun.  You can always catch me at my primary blog, Chimaera, and of course at Manboobz.